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Christopher Wright is one of the most sought out Cannabis speaker’s in world and entertainer with more than a decade of experience in the medical marijuana movement and its cultivation. Through the labor of love from his father, Chris learned from him how to grow and cultivate marijuana. He’s also a guy who’s not afraid of infamy – not if it’s for a good cause. So when, in 2010, he and two of his fellow Imperial Stars band members blocked three lanes of traffic with their semi during rush hour on one of the busiest highways in Los Angeles, Highway 101, and brought traffic to a halt so they could play their music, they got lots of flack and criticism. But they also got tons of exposure, including the aerial view of their truck emblazoned on its top with the statement, “Over 1.5 million homeless children in the U.S. WHAT ARE WE DOING??? IMPERIALSTARS.COM,” broadcast on major news shows and internet sites and videos around the world, all of which made this one of the top music stories of all time. It certainly gave exposure to the issue of homeless children, it also gained Chris and his band a $10,000 fine. Small price to pay for doing what you believe in.

Chris started out as a journeyman foreman with Greyhound Exhibit Service (GES), and for most of the early 2000s he worked in the building and trades union, local 831. He wanted to do more. So he started a music group of Talented Musicians, the Imperial Stars, and made them famous singing a song about…the 101 Freeway. The rest is history. In the process, he gave attention to some important issues. The Stars did a round of holiday charity events, including a performance on the deck of the USS Midway to support the USMC’s Toys for Tots program.

Indirectly, life rewarded Chris for his talent and gumption:

In the meantime, Christopher Wright, with his background in the entertainment industry, has had more than a decade of experience in cultivating cannabis and working in medical marijuana facilities and collectives. He is a part owner of National MedGrowers, one of Arizona’s Largest Medical Marijuana Cultivation centers And Partners with Senator J Kalani English in the State of Hawaii. (Hawaii Medicinal Options)