Live guests Dr. Monica Delgado, Ms. Kindness B, and Chris Barone of the “CLEAR”, and King Tee!

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We are highly anticipating today’s guests whom are as follows:

Dr. Monica Delgado is a doctor of multicultural clinical and forensic psychology. For over 20 years, she has been advocating for changing the negative stereotypes regarding the use of cannabis in both state and federal court. Dr. Delgado believes strongly in cannabis and in helping people to learn how to responsibly incorporate its healing benefits into their lives and communities. Her openness regarding the use of cannabis in treatment has provided patients with an opportunity to speak openly with her about the positive impact that cannabis has had on their lives. Dr. Delgado has worked with people diagnosed with cancer, depression, anxiety, head trauma, PTSD, epilepsy and other debilitating illnesses. She has witnessed an improvement in their health which western medicine could not explain and refused to credit cannabis’ medicinal qualities. Dr. Delgado toured Europe meeting with leading international scientists and researchers reviewing 30 years of cannabis medical research and the future of cannabis medicine. She consults with organizations and communities on the importance of organic farming, biotech research to revolutionize farming and cultivation practices and worldwide cannabis education. Dr. Monica Delgado can be reached at and 213-258-7897. Prior Professional experience (included but not limited to): Statewide Program Evaluator for the Curriculum Development. Victim Outreach Mediator. Presenter/Trainer for small to international group events. Fluent Spanish speaker.

MsKindness is her given name and a self-proclaimed calling to a life of philanthropy and service. She left a successful career in large scale fundraising before becoming a high school math teacher, when a slip and fall during her second pregnancy meant that she found herself in constant pain. MsKindness’ path to cannabis was organic and clear because everywhere she looked for alternative pain management, she found it.
It’s been five years since her first new moon to full moon tincture experiment. She now owns and manufactures a boutique line of cannabis infused remedies for women who she reaches through intimate events called Kind Socials. She’s a partner in the Alchemy Lounge, a members only Canna Social club in Downtown Los Angeles. A wife, mother and all around hard working lady.
“I’m committed to the wonderful journey God’s Plant has put me on. For me, it’s simple. Cannabis calms the chaos.” ~MsKindness B.
Also featured on Youtube at Cannabis Entrepreneurial Dialogues CED
Follow: @mskindnessb

Chris Barone – Over the past few years, The Clear has been a reputable source for flavored cannabis distillate, however, they do not have a patent on the creation process. It wasn’t long before cannabis concentrate companies all over the country began selling flavored distillate under a generic product category: clear. However, the Southern California company Headspace who manufacturers “The Clear” is beginning to fight and take back what they believe to be their rightful property — the term “Clear.” Headspace recently served a marijuana company based out of Arlington, Washington with the state’s first-ever marijuana trademark infringement lawsuit. The Washington-based cannabis company, Podworks, produces a cannabis distillate named “Top Shelf Clear,” and “The Clear” is not having any of it.

“We take a lot of pride in the proprietary nature of what we do,” said Chris Barone, CEO of Headspace International. “We’ve got a lot of time and money invested into what we’re doing.”

Headspace is arguing that anyone using the term “Clear” needs to choose another descriptive word for their product; “That’s our name,” said Headspace CFO David Sparer.

Roger McBride, better known by his stage name King Tee, is an American West Coast Hip hop rapper from Compton, California. Emerging as one of Compton’s earliest hip hop artists also on tonight’s show!