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USMC Marine Veteran – Sean Major

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USMC Marine Veteran – Sean Major has been a guest on Cannabis Talk 101 several times, Los Angeles High Times Business Summit, MJIC San Diego Marijuana Investors Summit, Cannabis Cup, and right here in our very own studio in Garden Grove, CA. We support the Visions of these great men who have sacrificed their personal freedoms so that we can enjoy ours here in the United States of America. Join Sean in this worldwide Epic struggle to educate and guide our US Veterans to utilize the benefits offered to them, Sean is streamlining this effort alongside the Cannabis Plant that recent studies prove to help with PTSD and many other ailments derived from Service. Sean is a Trailblazer and a tremendous voice for his brothers and sisters in and out of service.

I am confident I will build the network necessary to carry out my vision of being a successful serial business owner and a highly respected political figure.

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